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The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) conference is a platform for experts, professionals, and organizations to exchange ideas and knowledge on sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical practices in business and finance. The conference aims to raise awareness of the importance of ESG and its impact on the environment, society, and the economy. It provides an opportunity for participants to learn from industry leaders, researchers, and policy makers on the latest trends and best practices in ESG.

The conference will cover a range of topics related to ESG, including government policies and regulations, corporate practices and reporting, investment strategies, and stakeholder engagement. The keynote speakers and panelists will discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing ESG practices, the role of technology, and emerging trends in ESG policies and regulations. 

The conference will provide an interactive platform for participants to engage with experts and peers, share experiences and knowledge, and explore solutions to ESG challenges.

Key Topics:

  • The importance of ESG in today's business world
  • Case studies of successful ESG implementation in companies
  • ESG reporting and disclosure
  • The role of investors in promoting ESG
  • Government policies and regulations related to ESG

Environmental Sustainability: 

This topic will cover the latest trends and practices in environmental sustainability. Participants will learn about climate change and its impact on business, sustainable resource management, pollution control and waste management, and renewable energy adoption.

Social Responsibility:

This topic will focus on social responsibility, covering issues such as human rights and labor practices, community engagement and philanthropy, supply chain management, and diversity and inclusion.


This topic will cover corporate governance best practices, ethics and transparency, board composition and structure, and executive compensation and accountability.

ESG Metrics and Reporting:

This topic will cover standard ESG metrics, measuring ESG performance and impact, ESG reporting frameworks, and investor demand for ESG information.

Investor Engagement:

This topic will cover integrating ESG into investment decision-making, shareholder activism and engagement, ESG-related investment products, and impact investing.

Government policies and regulations related to ESG:

• National ESG policies
• Environmental regulations
• Social regulations
• Governance regulations
• Legal frameworks
• Reporting standards
• Best practices
• Challenges & opportunities
• Future trends


The conference is ideal for professionals and experts from various fields, including:

• Business leaders and managers
• Investors and financial professionals
• Environmental and social activists
• Government officials and policymakers
• Academics and researchers



• Learn about the latest trends and developments in ESG
• Network with professionals and experts in the field
• Get up-to-date information on ESG reporting and disclosure requirements
• Understand the role of investors and policymakers in promoting ESG


Registration fee is $200 for international participants, â‚¹500 for local students, â‚¹2000 for research scholars, â‚¹3000 for faculty, â‚¹5000 for corporates/practitioners/professionals. 

Participants can register the conference from here



Academicians, corporate executives, industry professionals, aspiring managers, management scholars, and students will have the opportunity to discuss and disseminate not only management theories, concepts, and models but also the results of their research, consulting, training, life experiences, and exposure at this international conference.

To ensure effective blind review: First page: Only Title, Author(s) name, Affiliation, Email and Mobile number, Second page onwards: Title, Abstract, 5 keywords and only research paper contents with no name/ identification of the authors. The paper should be original and unpublished offering new insights, new approach or new knowledge to the body of literature. The conference adopts a strict anti-plagiarism policy. Any submitted paper with more than 10% plagiarism is not going to be accepted for publication process.

The manuscript should be prepared in the following format: Abstract 200 words (approx.) with 4-5 keywords Main Paper 5000-8000 words, including references. Font 12 Points Times New Roman Title & Headings 14 points Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced Tables & Figures All the tables and diagrams should be appropriately numbered and provided at the end of paper Citation & References APA Style (6th Ed.)


Paper/Abstract Submission link can be found in here 


For more details please contact: 

Dr Syed Jaffer              - email:
Dr Ramesh Bishetti      - email:
Dr Chandrabhanu Das -

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