PSE Summer School

PSE Summer School

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Since its inception in 2016, the PSE Summer School has attracted annually hundreds of participants hailing from all over the world (over 70 nationalities). This year all programs are open to both on site and online participants, with special accommodations to ensure the fruitfulness of this hybrid format (see below).

Conducted entirely in English, the PSE Summer School offers 8 five-day programs taking place within a single work-week. Each program comprises a full-time mix of lectures, tutorials and workshops, taught by PSE professors and other invited leading scholars, equivalent to 3 ECTS credits, which PSE validates.

On June 21st, Roland BΓ©nabou will deliver a plenary lecture to all Summer School participants.

The PSE Summer School is aimed at professionals, researchers, and graduate students (Masters and PhD) notably in Economics, in Social Sciences and in Finance. Undergraduate students in Economics will be considered if their profile is exceptionally strong.