Summer School on Advanced Econometrics with Jeffrey M. Wooldridge

The Chair of Applied Statistics & Econometrics at the University of Mainz (Germany) is hosting a summer school on Advanced Econometrics (nonlinear models), taking place April 1-5, 2019. Lectures will be given by the distinguished Prof. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (Michigan State University). Besides the lectures, the summer school also includes time for participants to answer problem sets, the solution of which will be discussed thereafter. A (preliminary) syllabus of the summer school can be found on our homepage.


The summer school, which is organized jointly by Thorsten Schank, Manuel Denzer (Chair of Applied Statistics & Econometrics) and Gunnar Otte (Chair of Social Stratification Research) and kindly cosponsored by the research unit “Interdisciplinary Public Policy” is targeted at (advanced) PhD students and post-docs. Please apply to the summer school by using the form at our homepage (until at latest January 31 2019). Registration is limited to 60 persons and the allocation takes place on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will inform on short notice on whether applicants are accepted.


The general participation fee for the summer schools is 495 EUR. This covers the sessions of the summer school as well as refreshments during the day. For students enrolled at the JGU Mainz or staff of the JGU Mainz the participation fee is 150 EUR which will be fully refunded if the students / the members of the staff participate at each session of the summer school. For students enrolled in the Graduate School of Economics, Finance, and Management (GSEFM) of the universities Frankfurt, Mainz and Darmstadt, the participation fee amounts to 150 EUR.


For further information regarding the venue, possibilities of accommodation etc. please visit our homepage.

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