NOVA School of Business and Economics


Nova School of Business and Economics provides an excellent level of higher education and research.

We aim to:

  • Produce graduates and postgraduates equipped for the marketplace. Our high-quality and innovative courses are geared to providing the knowledge and skills required, and are regularly reviewed to aim at best practice. Our teaching is rigorous, and benefits from the stimulus of a wide range of electives, international recruitment and exchange programs. Our intellectual environment will attract and stimulate both Faculty and students.
  • Serve the wider community and advance knowledge. We influence economic policy and improve business practice, through the provision of executive education, and consultancy services. We conduct pure and applied research, which is scholarly, relevant, and rated internationally.
  • Profit from our strengths. As a combined school of Economics, Finance and Management, we benefit from the synergy between these disciplines.Our research underpins the quality of our teaching. Through embracing international perspectives and harnessing local experience, we create a positive environment for education and research.
  • Bring prestige to Portugal, our students, Faculty, alumni and staff through international recognition.We pursue international accreditation to enhance our standing, attract Faculty, students and stakeholders, validate our standards, promote change and stimulate our quest for continuous improvement.


The vision states how the School would like to see itself as an organization in a near future.

“Our vision is to be among the best in Europe”

Why was this strategic vision adopted?

The School has strived since its beginning, almost 30 years ago, to serve the local market, benchmarking international standards and practices. This was also always regarded as the only way to fulfill our mission to prepare our students to compete with graduates from international schools, and to transfer scientific knowledge to our corporate and government clients.

More broadly, this was always regarded as the only way to overcome the predicaments of Portugal’s regional, cultural and economic confinement – located at the south-west tip of Europe, landlocked from continental Europe by a powerful and aggressive neighbor and relatively poor.

This strategic vision had and still has implications at all levels of School life - faculty recruitment and development, research output, student admissions, development, support and placement, program offerings, course content, quality assessment and so on. Yet the precise translation of the vision in measurable goals varies overtime.

Presently, the School is in the process of moving from the “import model” of the past (“providing local students with the best methods and practices the world had to offer”) to an “export model”, where the key challenge is to compete in the market of “tradable” (internationally mobile national and international) students.

At the current stage of the process, building a reputable “brand” is critical and, consequently, the targets emphasize:

  • Presence in the Financial Times (top 50) rankings
  • An increase in the output of scientific research of an international standing
  • Achieving the Triple Crown
  • International recruitment and placement of Masters students
  • The start of executive education activities in Angola.

In the future, as we move further into the development of “export products”, focus will be on developing “academic products” with a more distinctive value proposition, which can bring notoriety to NOVA in certain niches.

Overall quality is critical but a distinctive value proposition will certainly result from leveraging on assets that are unique to a Business and Economics school in Portugal: the Portuguese culture and language -dominant in countries with global importance such as Brazil and Angola.

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