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The main goal of the department is academic quality.  In a recent study commissioned by the European Economic Association and published in the Journal of the European Economic Association (JEEA, vol. 1 (6) (2003) pp. 1346-1366) the department ranks at number 52 in the world, 9th in the European Union and 2nd in Spain. In the recently updated ranking the Department places at 46th in the world, 9th in the European Union, and 1st in Spain.

Since its inception, the Department of Economics is distinguished by its international character. At this time, the faculty includes eleven different nationalities (excluding Spanish).


The information on department members and their research appears on their web pages.

The Department organizes a regular weekly seminar. This is accompanied by several (weekly) workshops. Recently the Department, together with the CEMFI (Centre for Monetary and Financial Studies, has initiated a Workshop on Macroeconomics (Madrid Macroeconomics, or MadMac) being held in the facilities of CEMFI in central Madrid.

Seminars are also jointly organized with the Business and Statistics Departments.

Department members have been very active in recent years in organizing international conferences that have received generous funding from Spanish agencies and the European Union. The Department frequently receives visiting scholars from around the world.

Research Support

Funding for research is usually obtained through a request by groups of professors for National and European grants. Incoming faculty are often ensured support by other professors in the same area. This provides initial funding for travel.

Computer equipment

Every faculty member is equipped with a computer (PC or Mac, depending on individual preferences) that is connected to nearby laser printers, but most faculty members have printers in their own offices. Faculty requests of individual software purchases are subject to budget constraints but have normally been fulfilled.

The Department of Economics can also provide access to a number of work stations (HP700, organized in a cluster and equipped with statistical software) and to a SuperComputer (HP CONVEX-SPP2000, intended for working in batch mode).

The department also has a common room with several computers for Ph.D. students.


The Department teaches a number of subjects in the first and second cycle in Economics, Law, Administration and Management, and Humanities, and diplomas in Statistics, Public Administration and Management and Labor Relations.

The Economics Department organized the Graduate Program in Economics.

Several faculty members also teach in the Master Programs organized by the University.

For information about other departments in related areas, we refer you to their official links: Department of Business Economics and Statistics Department.

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