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The University Carlos III of Madrid invites students to apply to the Master/PhD Program in Economics Analysis. 

The Economics Graduate Program of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid consists of a two-year Master in Economic Analysis, followed by a three year PhD in Economics. The Master in Economic Analysis is aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to do high quality economic research. After following a core curriculum in the first year, students choose a number of specialized field courses during the second year. The courses bring students to the research frontier and provide them with quantitative and analytical tools to analyze relevant economic problems.

After satisfactorily completing the required coursework of the Master in Economic Analysis, those students who perform well and pass qualifying examinations in the three major fields (macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics) are admitted to the PhD program. During the PhD program students are engaged in full-time research towards the completion of a doctoral dissertation, under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

The Graduate Program in Economics at Universidad Carlos III is considered one of the top programs in Europe. In a recent study by Amir and Knauff (2005), the program was ranked 32 in world-wide, based on the placement of PhD students. In a study sponsored by the European Economic Association, and published by the Journal of the European Economic Association (vol. 1, 1346-1366, 2003) the Department of Economics ranks 9th in the European Union and 52nd worldwide. This has been confirmed in a more recent ranking by the University of Tilburg where the Department in Economics ranks 15th in the European Union and 38th worldwide. The Department of Economics has received the Maria de Maetzu award for excellence in research.

Financial Support

Most, first year students of the master program are offered financial aid including fee waiver and a monthly stipend through a Teaching Assistantship (TA) position. We expect to offer around 15 TA’s position to second year students, though the final number may vary depending on the students’ performance and the teaching needs of the department. Students admitted in the PhD program get automatic financing for the three years of the PhD program.

First deadline for Application: January 31, 2019 

Closing date: May 31,  2019.

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