Department of Economics, University of St. Gallen

The Department of Economics at the University of St. Gallen is known throughout the region of Switzerland for its excellence in innovative teaching, research, and economic consulting performance. The department has been ranked as a leader in Europe due to its impressive research and teaching methods. The Department of Economics also participates in public economic policy and structure discussions. Furthermore, the department has employed fourteen faculty members who are specialized professionals in their fields of economics, finance, and academia.

Our Vision
Our studies have a special profile, which is informed by our Vision: 
β€œAs one of Europe’s leading business universities, we are recognised globally as a place for thought leadership on current economic, business, and societal matters and for the development of talent able to integrate perspectives and act both entrepreneurially and responsibly.β€œ 

Holistic education
To attain these goals, we offer you integrative studies at the HSG. Besides their core studies, all students must also attend lectures in other disciplines taught at the HSG, as well as courses in the field of Contextual Studies. With courses such as history, philosophy, business ethics, psychology and sociology, we intend to enable our students to expand their perspectives. This is beneficial for critical thinking, for dealing with complexity, as well as with cultural, social and ecological challenges.

Assume responsibility
It is a concern of ours that our students should become aware of their role and learn to assume sustainable responsibility for society. The various student initiatives, for instance, provide them with an opportunity for this. 

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