Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw

The Faculty of Economic Sciences is a part of the University of Warsaw - the best Polish and leading university in the region.

The Faculty has almost 70 years history of successes in both areas – teaching and research.

According to the RePec (Research Papers in Economics) latest ranking, the Faculty of Economic Sciences is the best economic institution in Poland and it is among 3% of the best scientific institutions in Europe. Moreover, the Faculty’s academic staff are leading researchers - 20% of the best polish economists (150 people) are researchers from the Faculty of Economic Sciences, and one of the professors is among 1% of the best economists in the world (RePec 2021).

The Faculty runs more than sixty national and international research projects, funded by, among others, the European Union, the National Centre for Research and Development, the National Science Centre, and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The projects range from behavioral economics to macroeconomic modeling. Faculty members consistently produce quality research output, much of it published in prestigious international journals and leading Polish journals.

From 2019 a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant is realised at the Faculty of Economic Sciences. Prof. Anna Matysiak runs the project “Globalization- and Technology-Driven Labour Market Change and Fertility” (LABFER) - the first project which will comprehensively study fertility decisions in the changing world of work.

The economists representing the Faculty of Economic Sciences conduct interdisciplinary research from various areas of economics and finance. From traditional fields such as: international finance and economics, labour economics, law, demography and accounting to multi-disciplinary, innovative research combining psychology, ecology, digitalisation, data science or quantitative finance.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences is also a leading research centre in the country in the field of education. In the ranking of economic studies by the Rzeczpospolita daily paper 2019, economic studies of the University of Warsaw are the best in Poland.

The Faculty offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Polish and fully conducted in English:

  • Undergraduate (BA) program “Finance, International Investments and Accounting”
  • Graduate (MA) program “Data Science and Business Analytics”
  • Graduate (MA) program “International Economics”
  • Graduate (MA) program “Quantitative Finance”

The Faculty coordinates two doctoral programs conducted in English by the University of Warsaw:

  • “Quantitative Psychology and Economics”
  • “Economics and Finance”

Programs offered by the Faculty of Economic Sciences are based on solid mathematical knowledge and great economic foundations, supported by practical knowledge of advanced econometric and programming e.g. SAS, STATA, R, Python, VBA, C++. Curricula of the programs offered by the Faculty include innovative, experimental learning methods such as design, simulation and case studies using e-learning platforms and computer laboratories.

Furthermore, programs offered by the Faculty provide international standards – 2 programs offered by the Faculty received ACCA accreditation (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

The educational offer of the Faculty of Economic Sciences are appreciated internationally, e.g. according to the Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking 2021 Quantitative Finance - 12th in the world; Finance, Investments and Accounting (in Polish) – 10th in the world; Data Science and Business Analytics, International Economics and Informatics and Econometrics (in Polish) – 1st in Eastern Europe.

Graduates of economic studies at the University of Warsaw receive the highest average wages in Poland in the first year after obtaining a diploma according to the ranking of economic studies by Rzeczpospolita daily newspaper 2019. Alumni of the Faculty of Economic Sciences are on top places in the Graduate Tracking System in terms of the amount of earnings and the speed at which work is found.

Faculty of Economic Sciences has nearly 80 international cooperation agreements, students have the opportunity to obtain a double degree with four prestigious foreign universities. Moreover the internationalization of the Faculty is relatively high - almost 25% foreign students.

The Faculty of Economic Sciences cooperates with one the biggest companies in the industry to provide interesting development paths e.g.: learning path under Google's patronage (Digital Economy), Data Mining Certificate Program (conducted in cooperation with SAS Institute Poland) which prepares experts for advanced data analysis and management, Introduction to Anti Money Laundering – conducted in cooperation with Citi bank specialists, Understanding Business – conducted on a mentoring basis with companies representatives and case studies


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