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Are you interested in doing a PhD degree in economics? Find PhD programs and postgraduate studies from top universities worldwide. Search thousands of PhD degrees to do your academic research abroad in English language.

Thousands of economics students around the world have trusted INOMICS to help them find their postgraduate studies in their subject area. If you are just about to choose your economics postgraduate research training, consider options that match your interests and personal style.

Browse through top economics PhD programs in your research field, be it economics theory, macroeconomics, econometrics, health economics, financial economics, behavioral economics, applied economics or development economics. We list best economics PhD programs in all economics disciplines based on 'JEL' classification system.

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I have been a member of INOMICS community for over 8 years. I came across the platform when I was looking for a summer school in Europe to prepare myself for my Master’s studies, so I decided to give it a shot. As soon as I found my summer course on INOMICS (which I enjoyed a lot), I started to explore the website more and realized that I can also use it for finding great PhD programs, academic jobs, conferences and professional courses. I think it is the most complete source of information for students or career seekers in the field of economics.
Gökhan, PhD Student in Economics at Ankara University




INOMICS has been quite useful, since information about courses, universities and scholarships is usually hard to access. This is especially true when it comes to the quantity of information one can obtain on INOMICS. I also know that I will be using it to find job postings at the end of this year when I go to the job market!
Carolina, PhD Student in International Economics at Brandeis University