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The option in Business Technology Management is a bridge between business and information technology (IT) and provides you an understanding of the use of IT to support, streamline, and improve organizational (business, government, non-profit) processes. It enables you to develop core competencies and skill sets in information systems and analytics, exposing you to strategic issues in technology management and best practices for planning, designing, and implementing IT solutions to enhance organizational performance.

The courses are organized in in four (4) layers:

1. Basics in coding  - ITI 1120 Introduction to Computing I

2. Management of data, databases and data analytics - ADM 3308 Business Data Mining

3. Systems analysis and design - ADM 3379 Systems Analysis, Development, and Performance

4. Implementation of IS solutions - ADM 3378 Emerging Topics in Management Information Systems

The BTM option is designed in such a way that students have to take at least one course from each layer, and with the help of elective courses, they can choose to strengthen one of the layers. This option also has one mandatory course (ADM 4377 Digital Enterprise Systems and Strategies) and one elective course (ADM 4379 Management and Implementation of Web Technologies in Organizations) that cover all layers.

The Honours BCom with option in Business Technology Management is available in CO-OP and French Immersion.

Sample Courses

Business Simulation Analytics, Business Data Mining, Emerging Topics in Management Information Systems, Systems Analysis, Development, and Performance, Predictive Analytics, Business Communication Networks, Digital Enterprise Systems and Strategies, Management and Implementation of Web Technologies in Organizations

Student Activities

Joining the Management Information Systems Association is a great way to learn about the tech industry and develop career skills through case competitions, MISA-specific networking events, and their member development program. 

Career Examples

BCom option in Management Information Systems and Analytics

Reasoning and Critical Thinking OR Philosophy: Ideas and ArgumentsF
ADM 2372
* ITI 1120


ADM 4377W
* ADM 4378
* ADM 4379W
PHI 2397

* Choose 6 units among Recommended out of faculty courses: ITI1121, SEG2105 ADM courses at the 4000 level are reserved for students in specific programs who have completed at least 33 units from ADM core courses, including ADM 2381.

Mandatory course sequence to follow in order to complete the program in four years. Course enrolment is possible via uoCampus accessible through the uoZone portal ( Some courses are not offered every term; students must consult to verify when each course is offered. All prerequisites must be successfully completed before enrolling in a course. Students must consult  Students/BCom/Academic Regulations to familiarize themselves with all University of Ottawa and Telfer School rules and regulations. Students are responsible for confirming their enrolment regularly by consulting their uoZone account and for ensuring that they satisfy the requirements of their program in order to graduate. Students should communicate with the Student Services Centre (DMS1100) should they have any questions regarding their studies, academic regulations or the requirements of their program. The Telfer School of Management reserves the right to change or cancel courses which are printed on this document.

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