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Economics is a social science dedicated to the study of decision-making under scarcity, and the factors that influence wealth. Economics involves financial topics and broader historical, sociological and cultural topics ranging from the individual (microeconomics) to governments, industries and central banking (macroeconomics). This extensive and multidisciplinary study of the economy is what sets it apart from other seemingly similar topics such as Business or Finance.

As an economics student you will gain insight into the long-term effects of policy on communities by studying:

Resource Allocation

Current Policy Debates


Economic Theory




You will also gain a marketable edge through field and speciality courses focused on labour, natural resources and industrial organisation. The natural ebb and flow of the economy means that economics is a changing and dynamic field. Our continually updated course content reflects new theories, information and current events impacting the Economics field. Mathematics is a large component of many of our Economics courses; therefore, our recommendation is that you have some knowledge and skill in the area.

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Bachelor's programs


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