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Prior to starting the program, students will be given access to our foundation leveling materials covering business basics such as accounting, economics, statistics, marketing, and finance.  The business foundations material, self-taught and self-tested, provides a basic level of background knowledge to help students move into the degree program.

The distance component of the curriculum is delivered through the University's online student learning platform CANVAS.  Using CANVAS, students can view their lectures, work with team members on group assignments, ask questions and hold discussions with their professors and classmates, submit homework, download course materials and stay in touch with the program.

Students visit Auburn’s campus five times during the 21-month program.  During these short, one-week residencies, the bulk of one course is delivered in a face-to-face, classroom/workshop setting. The other courses taken during the term will be introduced as well.

The residencies are vital to the success of this program. They give students an opportunity to get to know one another and the faculty in a personal way. Additionally, they provide the bridge between the distance learning periods so that students continue to feel like a part of the University and their class without the traditional disconnect that comes from distance- only programs.

Students will stay at The Hotel at Auburn University during their time on campus. This facility is conveniently located adjacent to the University campus. This lodging, as well as breakfast and lunch each day, is provided by the program. Additionally, Groome Transportation, the airport shuttle from Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, delivers students right to their front door.

The first residency starts with an opening banquet at The Hotel at Auburn University. The following day the students will participate in an outdoor team-building challenge course. This experience gives the students the opportunity to really get to know one another. They spend the day working on group and individual challenges (mental as well as physical). Students often say this course is one of the highlights of their Auburn experience.

Before formal class instruction begins the students will also have an intensive orientation to the instructional technologies of the program as well as the student information systems on campus. It is vital that before the student leaves the first residency on campus, they are comfortable with the distance learning environment which is so critical to their success in the program.

During a typical residency students will attend class each day, Monday through Thursday, usually from 8:00 – 5:00 with time set aside in the evenings for research projects, case studies and group work. Class ends by 12:00 noon on Friday of each residency week – thus giving everyone time to get home for the weekend.


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