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Don’t know how to go about asking for financial support from your employer? We have developed a Sponsorship Guide for your use. Topics covered include why an employer should sponsor an employee, what it means to sponsor an employee, and who the organization should choose to sponsor.

Why Should An Organization Sponsor An Employee Who Wishes To Obtain An Executive MBA Degree?

Emphasis on developing the employee as a leader. From executive leadership and team building delivered on an outdoor ropes course during orientation, to a culminating strategic team building exercise before graduation, Auburn’s EMBA program focuses on leadership development and team building.

In many courses the professor will willingly allow the employee to complete case work and project assignments on issues critical to your organization. This not only makes course work applicable to the “real world”, but also gives the employee an opportunity to apply the latest academic principles to organizational issues, giving the employee a larger and more effective problem-solving skill set.

The cohort approach of Auburn’s EMBA program allows numerous opportunities for the employee to network both in person and via distance. Executive MBA students have the unique opportunity to exchange knowledge with the distinguished faculty in the Harbert College of Business, other peers in the EMBA program, EMBA alumni and various industry experts both home and abroad. With so many avenues of experience to learn from, the employee will gain valuable insight on how to effectively negotiate through the complexity of today’s global business issues.

The curriculum concentrates on the five fundamentals of business: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing—with an emphasis on tying these fundamentals together through managerial applicability, thus allowing the employee to better understand how these five fundamentals interact to support the functions of their organization.

With business strategies becoming increasingly global, Auburn’s EMBA program prepares the employee for managing in a global environment. Through course work, case study, and an International Business and Operations course (conducted in Asia, Europe or South America), our executive students have the chance to see first-hand what it is like to do business in other countries.

Auburn’s Executive MBA program is designed to allow your employees to study anytime, anywhere. The program is designed with minimal interference to work and family, affording us the opportunity to select candidates from anywhere in the United States and the world. By utilizing only one five day on-campus residency per semester, and one ten day international trip, Auburn’s EMBA program allows the student to spend the remainder of the 21-month program balancing work, family and school.

As an organization, there are few things one can do that is more positive than investing in the education of your employees. With a tight labor market, organizations have to be creative in retaining their best internal talent. Sponsoring an employee in our executive MBA program not only makes a positive statement to potential executives in the organization, but also promotes loyalty and retention.

Finally, the Executive MBA program at Auburn University has been rated by both Forbes and Kiplinger as an excellent return on investment. From day one our students can apply what is being learned to the organization, greatly reducing the time it takes for the organization to re-coop its sponsorship investment.

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