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This can be seen not only in terms of curriculum design, but also in regard to applicant selection. The programme targets senior and middle-level managers in financial institutions and those in other industries whose work involves financial management. The most relevant financial courses will be offered on the basis of the industries that the students are involved in, while the general management course will be tailored to incorporate content and cases relating to the financial industry. The admission process emphasises applicant background in order to identify the top echelon that best represents the elite of financial institutions and of financial divisions in other industries. The interaction between the most talented students and experienced instructors will ensure an unparalleled learning experience with long-lasting benefits.

China Insight, Global Perspective
Based on the school's goal of "China Depth, Global Breadth", the CEIBS FMBA Programme focuses on China's financial market from an international perspective. Given both the current status and future trends of China's financial market, the curriculum design is a combination of practical financial theories and real-world case studies. In addition to delivering courses that emphasise international competence, a one-week overseas section will be held at the London Business School so students will have a chance to study leading-edge financial theories at one of the world's premier business schools, and learn best practices through visiting well-known financial institutions.

Finance Focus, Management Competence
The curriculum design is a combination of financial knowledge and managerial skills.  The core courses are specially tailored to cover the essentials of general management while focusing on financial knowledge to fit in with the characteristics and demands of the financial industry. Meanwhile, the finance-oriented electives encompass in-depth study into financial subjects to meet students' specific demands. Such a curriculum design aims to develop students into highly competent, versatile and talented individuals with solid knowledge of finance and a strong command of managerial skills.

World-class Faculty, Reputable Industry Speakers
The CEIBS FMBA Programme has first-rate faculty in all management disciplines, particularly in finance. CEIBS' professors of finance, accounting and economics have personally designed compulsory courses and specifically launched finance-related elective courses for the programme. Most of CEIBS faculty are leaders in their respective areas of expertise with a strong background in education and consulting services, counting the world’s top 500 companies and government authorities among their clients. These seasoned experts integrate state-of-the-art management theories with Chinese business practices for the benefit of students, who will also gain exposure to heads of industry invited to the classroom to share their experiences.

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