Ph.D. in Human Capital Management

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The Ph.D. in Human Capital Management is designed to equip graduates to be effective in designing human capital development programs, measuring the effectiveness of human capital investment, and communicating / collaborating with organizational leaders. The program is focused on the latest knowledge and practice related to the development of human capital and other human-derived sources of capital with the goal of advancing organizational performance. Curriculum for the program is based on extant literature, original research, and the experience of Bellevue University's College of Business faculty and practicing scholars.

Program Outcomes

The Ph.D. in Human Capital Management includes specific topics of study that directly relate to current global business practices and will be immediately applicable to your career. Coursework and assignments provide current human capital models related to organizational performance in finance, accounting, learning, leadership, knowledge management, and business strategy. After successful completion of the Bellevue University Ph.D. in Human Capital Management, you will have the ability to:

Demonstrate knowledge of current and emerging human capital related-theories, constructs, public policy, and issues.

Demonstrate knowledge of current and emerging quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Demonstrate knowledge and practical application of univariate and multivariate statistics.

Design and conduct assessments and measurements regarding individual differences.

Demonstrate knowledge of social theories, team processes and outcomes, organizational climate, and multi-level issues.

Demonstrate fluency with theories related to self-regulation, values, rewards, attitudes, motivation, and power.

Demonstrate writing, communication, presentation, and publication proficiency.

Demonstrate knowledge of leadership theories, issues related to the management of employees, and the science of influence.

Demonstrate fluency with the problem solving, strategy, and creativity literature.

Create, test, and apply financial and accounting models and associated metrics to evaluate the efficacy of human capital.

Your coursework is divided into four modules concentrating on specific processes and concepts to provide a rich understanding of organizational success.

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