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Call for Article Submissions for

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At INOMICS we aim to support economics careers.

As such, we invite young economists (postgraduates, current PhDs or recent PhD graduates) to submit an original article to INOMICS. Accepted articles may be published online on the INOMICS Blog, in the INOMICS Advice Section, or in our annual Handbook.

Goals of the Call for Submissions:

  • That you, as an INOMICS Author, gain awareness for your ideas and writing among other economists, building a reputation and profile for yourself among the thousands of economists that use INOMICS. 
  • That other INOMICS readers benefit from learning about your experiences and are inspired by learning about your ideas and research interests.

This first open call for article submissions is open from 19th November 2021 - 15 January 2022.

Suggested Topics:

  • Why I am inspired by (name of economist - we especially welcome articles on female economists)
  • The most important new economics book of 2021/2022
  • The most notable economics research contribution in 2021
  • How economists can contribute to a sustainable post-COVID-19 recovery 
  • How I got my research published
  • Skills I never thought I would need as an economist, but which are invaluable now
  • Any similar topic related to economics careers, learning, teaching or researching - suggestions welcome

Submission guidelines: 

  • Articles must be written in English
  • Articles must be 900-1400 words
  • Use a concise style - short introduction and conclusion, short sentences, discursive tone but intelligent tone.
  • Additionally send a description of yourself and your academic credentials, no longer than 300 words, including photo and mention of your affiliated institution

Please Note: We are not looking for academic research articles. Rather we are looking for well-written, interesting content articles that can help young economists in their academic development, and introduce them to certain career paths, areas of research, inspirational case-studies etc.

Submission Process:

Please send complete article drafts to:

  • Articles that are too short or which do not meet our quality standards will not be considered
  • Considered articles will be reviewed by a member of the INOMICS editorial board  
  • The best-written articles that are relevant for INOMICS users will be selected for a second review
  • Selected articles will be reviewed by a second member of the editorial board. If the article is approved by the second board member, it will be subject to a language review before publication. We will contact authors to agree changes before publication, and to inform them of the date and type of publication planned.

Authors whose articles are accepted for publication will receive a profile page on INOMICS and will have the opportunity to submit further articles for publication on INOMICS in the future.

Deadline for submissions:  15 January 2022

Decision Date:  31 January 2022

Final Version:  15 February 2022

+49 30 2084712 50

Terms of Submission:

  • By sending your submission, you guarantee that the submitted article has not been published in part or in full elsewhere. 
  • By sending your submission you agree that INOMICS may publish your article in-part or in-full, or publish an excerpt of your article in a larger content piece (for example a collection of opinions).
  • If your article is published in-full by INOMICS, you agree that in the event that you share or publish the article elsewhere, you will refer/link to INOMICS as the original location of publication.You guarantee that you are the sole author(s) and need no further permission from other co-authors, employers or funding bodies in order to grant copyright of the article to INOMICS.



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Application Deadline



Prizes & Contests

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Individuals, Graduate Students, Early Career (PhD / Postdoc), Academic Institutions