The Places to Be for Economics Pedagogy

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The Places to Be for Economics Pedagogy

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As an academic economist, it is likely that you will be engaged in both research and teaching. As you develop your skills, it will be important to think about what makes good teaching, and how the discussion about pedagogy in economics education develops over time. Knowledge and appreciation of the debates in pedagogy may also be important as you apply for external certification, such as an Advance HE fellowship. You may even want to develop and write for publication about economics pedagogy.

There are a range of journals and conferences for those interested in higher education pedagogy. 

Journals specialising in economics education

1. The Journal of Economic Education is one of the longest standing journals, dedicated to economics education. The journal is based in the United States, with articles from across the world, and provides original articles on teaching economics. In it, leading academics evaluate the latest teaching techniques, such as using technology or games to teach economics, and course programmes.

2. The International Review of Economics Education is a UK-based journal, with articles from across the world, providing a forum for high quality research in the areas of pedagogy, assessment, teaching methods and course structure. Recent issues delve into the use of technologies and new media to teach economics, as well as what we can learn from international economics education practices.

3. Journal of Economics Teaching is a journal focussed on the more practical elements of teaching. The articles are peer reviewed, but the aim of this journal is much more on providing ideas and case studies that others can adopt, with less of a focus on the evaluation of the innovations than the previous two journals.

Of course, research in economics education is not confined to specialist journals. Applied economists are always interested in evaluating innovations, and there are often good papers focussed on education in economics subject journals, including the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the Journal of Labor Economics, the Journal of the European Economic Association and many more.

Journals specialising in higher education pedagogy more generally

The journals focusing on economics education are just a small subset of a much larger literature about pedagogy in higher education. A good educator will often have an appreciation of the debates, not just within the pedagogy of their own field, but more generally.

4. With the growth in online provision, particularly following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, understanding the challenges and opportunities for online teaching is increasingly important. The Internet and Higher Education is a highly ranked and cited journal, focussing on the challenges (and opportunities) of online teaching.

5. Similarly, Computers and Education examines the use of, and the evaluation of, digital technology within teaching.  

6. Studies in Higher Education is an international, general interest journal, based in the UK. It looks at methods to measure and solve emerging issues within higher education. The journal welcomes contributions that seek to enhance understanding of higher education policy, institutional management and performance, teaching and learning, and the contribution of higher education to society and the economy.

7. Many institutions are engaged in reviews of assessment practice, so it is important to have a good appreciation of what makes good and effective assessment. A useful place to start is with Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, a journal that reports on all aspects of assessment in higher education. The goal is to improve understanding of assessment practices, and their contribution to student learning, satisfaction, and engagement with their course.

8. The British Educational Research Journal covers multiple disciplines as well as the higher education experience in the UK overall, particularly for minorities, and how this can be improved. The findings of the papers look to challenge assumptions of how we teach and assess, and aim to make the culture of British universities more inclusive.

Conferences in economics education

For a more interactive approach to economics education, there are a wide range of conferences that provide insights into the development of pedagogy, including Advance HE, and others. Similarly, several general interest economics conferences (such as the European Economic Association, Royal Economic Society and Scottish Economic Society conferences) often have sessions dedicated to economics education.  

However, there are also a growing number of dedicated conferences to attend either virtually or in person for the latest innovations in teaching.

1. Developments in Economics Education (DEE) – The Economics Network 

The Developments in Economics Education conference showcases the latest research, innovation, and best practice in economics teaching. This biennial event is Europe's leading conference on economics in higher education.

2. Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE) – American Economic Association

A three-day event, usually in person, with a mixture of panels, workshops, and presentations. Last year included sessions about teaching with experiments, using social media to have a broader reach, the benefits of group learning, and adapting for the pandemic.

3. TeachECONference - UCL Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics 

This is an annual virtual conference organised by UCL and Cornell University. It includes three days of panels, presentations, and networking mixers. Last year, they covered teaching in a pandemic, improving economists’ writing, new practices to teaching, and inspiring success for economics students.

4. International Conference on Economics Education and Training (ICEET) – World Academy

A two-day conference dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference programme. The London-based event provides great value to students, academics, and industry researchers too.

5. Chartered Association of Business Schools' LTSE Conference

The Chartered Association of Business Schools' Learning, Teaching, and Student Experience conference is a two-day annual conference, with a more diverse group of presenters. It provides the opportunities to see how economics pedagogy research aligns with natural peers, such as management, accounting, finance, and business more generally.

This article was produced in cooperation with the Economics Network, the largest and longest-established academic organisation devoted to improving the teaching and learning of economics in higher education. Learn more about the Economics Network.


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