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          Master and PhD Programs: Search Season Kick Off


Master and PhD Programs: Search Season Kick Off

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With the summer vacation period drawing to a close, many graduates are now exploring their options for further education. Users on the INOMICS platform at this time of year are actively seeking graduate opportunities, whether Master's Programs, PhD positions or supplementary courses for the coming academic year.

Many strong students start their applications in early autumn to ensure their eligibility for financial support, and many are likely to go for the first offer they receive. Competition for the best students is always high so the optimal time for universities and colleges to start marketing their programs is just as the number of people searching for courses reaches its peak. For institutions looking for students on the INOMICS platform, we recommend starting your recruiting process, where possible, in September. This will help you get ahead of the main scramble for candidates later in the autumn, and to pick out the best talent before they get snapped up by someone else!

To optimize your marketing strategy for your courses, check out our previous articles How Students Look For and Choose Masters Courses, and How to Advertise your Doctoral Programs in Economics If you would like a free consultation about online course marketing, send us a short email to


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