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          Economics Job Market Report 2012


Economics Job Market Report 2012

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Based on survey responses from economists and recruiters from over 70 countries, the INOMICS Job Market Report 2012 reveals the latest trends in the academic job market for economists worldwide.

In October 2012 INOMICS released the first Global Economics Job Market Report. The data is based on a uniqie set of information, gathered through an online questionnaire placed on the INOMICS platform and so- cial media channels. The aim of the report is to provide valuable insights for recruiters and candidates in the economics job market, including:

  • detailed salaries and salary growth information,

  • recruiter and candidate preferences,

  • the most important factors economists take into consideration when choosing a job,

  • the high-demand fields of specialization,

  • level of mobility between fields of specialization.

    You can download the full report on the INOMICS website:

    If you are interested in sponsoring opportunities for the Economics Job Market Report 2013, contact us at


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