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About the Research Symposium

The Research Symposium on Finance and Economics (RSFE) is an annual research symposium organised by IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB), Krea University, India. The Symposium aims to bring researchers, academicians, and practitioners in Finance and Economics across the globe to present, discuss and deliberate upon emerging issues in Finance and Economics in the contemporary world.

IFMR GSB, Krea University, prepares future scholars through Interwoven Learning with a strong focus on research. This Symposium important academic Krea University. The three-day Symposium include a Pre-Symposium Workshop, keynote lectures, plenary sessions, and technical sessions among renowned academicians in the field of Finance and Economics.



Since its inception in 2019, the research symposium has experienced significant success in terms of participation of researchers from various reputed institutions both in India and in abroad. Every year the symposium had keynote lectures delivered by distinguished academicians and eminent researchers such as Prof. Pranab Bardhan (University of California at Berkeley), Prof. Nagpurnanand Prabhala (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School), Prof. Paresh Kumar Narayan (Deakin University, Australia), Prof. Bala Balachandran (La Trobe University, Australia),Prof. Itay Goldstein (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, US), Prof. Raghavendra Rau (Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK), Prof. Uday Rajan (Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, US), Prof. Campbell R. Harvey (Fuqua School of Business,Duke University, US), Prof. Nishith Prakash (University of Connecticut, US), Prof. Ashima Goyal (IGIDR, India),Prof. Jeffrey M. Wooldridge (Michigan State University, US), Prof. Tom Smith (Macquarie University, Australia), Prof. Bart Lambrecht (University of Cambridge, UK), Prof. Chandra Krishnamurti (University of South Australia, Australia), Prof. Nadya Malenko (University of Michigan, US), Prof. Robert Faff (Professorial Fellow at Bond University and Emeritus Professor at UQ, Australia), Prof. Julian Franks (London Business School, UK), Prof. Nandini Gupta (Indiana University, US), Prof. Andrew Ellul  (Indiana University, US), Prof. Ann Sardesai (CQ University Australia, Sydney), Prof. Kenneth R. French (Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, US), and Prof. Suresh Sundaresan (Columbia Business School, US).

Call for Papers

RSFE 2024 solicits submission of research papers under various topics in the field of finance and economics, such as:

Finance: Corporate Finance, Capital Structure and Dividend Policy, Emerging trends in Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Reporting and Regulations, Behavioural Finance, Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing, Financial Markets, Derivatives Trading and Pricing, Market Microstructure and Algorithmic Trading, Banking and Risk Management, Digital Finance, Financial Tech, AI, and Machine Learning.

Economics: Microeconomics, applied microeconomics, macroeconomics, international economics, international trade, development economics, energy economics, econometrics, applied econometrics, public finance, political economy, game theory, economic growth, environmental economics, and labour economics

The list of topics mentioned above is indicative and research papers on other topics of Finance and Economics are also welcome.

The research symposium invites original papers that address gaps in the related literature, offer new insights and evidence, and have implications for policy making. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome. Papers for presentation at the symposium will be selected through double blind peer review process. This symposium is also open to doctoral students who are on the verge of completing their dissertation.


Important dates and deadlines

Submissions of full paper starts: Oct 31st, 2023 November

Submission of paper closes: Feb 29, 2024

Acceptance notification: April 30, 2024

Registration for symposium starts: Oct 31st 2023

Registration for symposium closes: May 30, 2024

Symposium dates: June 12-14, 2024

Note: there is no registeration fee for the symposium.

Publication opportunities

Special Issue with Pacific-Basin Finance Journal (`A’ as per ABDC category)

The papers presented at the research symposium are eligible to be submitted to the Special Issue on “Current Issues in Emerging Markets” “in Pacific-Basin Finance Journal” (PACFIN), which comes under `A’ as per Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) category. The special issue portal of PACFIN has opened on June 20, 2023. The submission deadline for the special issue is October 30, 2024. The details on the special issue are available in the link below.

Economic Modelling on a fast-track basis (`A’ as per ABDC category)

“The conference organizers, in liaison with the editors of Economic Modelling, will invite the authors of selected high-quality papers that fall within the general remit of the journal, to submit their manuscript to the journal. The editors will ensure that the selected papers undergo the normal reviewing process on a fast-track basis. All papers will be double-blind refereed in the standard way. Authors should submit their paper via the journal’s website, for consideration for publication in a regular issue of the journal.”

Journal of Emerging Market Finance on a fast-track basis (`B’ as per ABDC category)

A few selected papers presented at the symposium will be published in Journal of Emerging Market Finance. The editors will ensure that papers presented at RSFE 2024 will be reviewed on a fast-track basis.

Best Research Paper Prizes

Best Research Papers Awards in both Finance and Economics categories will be given among the papers presented at the symposium.

Symposium Registration link: The online portal for registration will open on Oct 31, 2023 using the link mentioned below:

Symposium Paper Submission link: The online portal for submission link will open on Oct 31, 2023 using below mentioned link:

Submission guidelines

Full research papers with a title page, abstract, keywords, main text, tables, figures, references etc. should be submitted online through Conference Maker. Use Times New Roman with 12-point font size and double spaced. For bling review process, all author-identifying information must be removed before submission.

Contact Details: Dr. Praveen Bhagawan M

Area Chair (Accounting, Finance, and Quantitative Finance)

Chair, Research Symposium on Finance and Economics (RSFE) 2024

IFMR GSB, Krea University, India

For further details, write to Research Symposium e-mail:

Research Symposium Website:

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