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Effective Teaching Support for Introductory Econometrics Courses

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The e-learning platform mcEmpirics is developed by Prof. Thomas Siedler from the Universität Potsdam and comprises more than 1.000 introductory econometric questions, answers to those questions, and references to manuals. Learning with mcE-quizzes (consisting of true-false and multiple-choice questions) gives undergraduate students an opportunity to assess their knowledge of introductory econometrics and refresh their skills.

mcEmpirics has been designed to complement lectures and course work. With an mcEmpirics campus license, professors and educators can improve their teaching methods effectively by conducting online tests throughout the semester. They can quickly create online tests by selecting questions and contexts developed by mcEmpirics or by using their own questions. 

mcEmpirics is already being used with great success at the following universities: Tilburg University, University College Dublin, Universität Hamburg, Free University Berlin and Universität Potsdam.

Advantages for educators:
•    Quickly and easily create tests using mcEmpirics extensive library of questions.
•    Evaluate student performance immediately through automatic grading.
•    Customize your course by adding your own questions.
•    Offer your students fixed or flexible testing time frames.

Advantages for students:
•    More than 1.000 introductory econometric questions and answers.
•    Complements lectures, classes, and the literature.
•    Contains links to journals, authors, data sets, and YouTube videos.

Free trial quizzes can be found here:

The mcEmpirics team is happy to provide a one-to-one 30-minute virtual tutorial to educators who are interested in using mcEmpirics. Contact us at

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Supplementary Courses, Online Courses