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The Journal of Monetary Economics was founded in 1975, and quickly established itself as the leading professional journal in macroeconomics. It is consistently ranked as one of the top journals in economics, and it is widely read by macroeconomists, financial economists, central bankers, and many others. It welcomes the submission of high-quality manuscripts in all areas of macroeconomics.

The JME publishes eight volumes each year. Two of the issues each year are dedicated to the Carnegie-Rochester-NYU Conference on Public Policy. Every two years, the JME publishes a ninth volume with the proceedings from a conference on macroeconomic policy sponsored by the Study Center Gerzensee of the Swiss National Bank. 

The editors of the JME are Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley) and Urban Jermann (University of Pennsylvania). It is published by Elsevier Science, it uses the EES editorial system for submission, and its issues are available through Science Direct

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