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The College of Education Educator Preparation Programs are rated by the State Board for Educator Certification. Accreditation status is based on accountability standards as established by the Texas Education Agency.

The most recent Title II accountability data is available at the following website: Additional information is available upon request from the Teacher Certification Office.

Teacher candidates may choose to work toward certification at the following levels:

Early Childhood through Grade 6,

Grades 7-12, Secondary; and


Certification programs are field-based and have co-tangent tasks which coincide with coursework

Each certification program is highly integrated with field-based experiences, requiring teacher candidates, cooperating teachers, public school administrators, and University faculty to work collaboratively at designated campuses. Teacher candidates enrolled in the program are assigned to mentor teachers at specified elementary or secondary public schools.  Field based experiences are on a continuum of early field experiences through full time teaching. Throughout the programs, teacher candidates observe, prepare teaching activities and lessons, and as a capstone experience are placed in an EC-12 environment for full time teaching (12 weeks minimum). Teacher candidates typically are in field-based placements, including student teaching, for approximately 600 hours.

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