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          Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in Europe 2013


Top Think Tanks and Social Science Research Institutes in Europe 2013

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Whether you’re looking for a summer internship, your first postgraduate job or a change in career, gaining experience in a think tank or research institute is always a good way to go. While some think tanks engage in highly specialized research on specific topics, many span a broad range of issues, particularly in the fields of politics, economics and international relations. We’ve decided to dedicate three distinct blog posts to top think tanks around the world, beginning with this list of European institutions. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on U.S. and Latin American institutions.

In addition to offering possible job opportunities, the work currently undertaken by these top-notch research institutes can be extremely helpful for students and professionals alike. Often think tanks produce the kind of poignant, up-to-date research not to be found in either mass media or peer-reviewed journals.

As with most of our lists, this is by no means an exhaustive account of all the praiseworthy institutes across Europe. We aim to offer a compact yet diverse list of well-renowned institutions from across the continent, arranged alphabetically by country rather than according to any kind of ranking.

  • Center for Applied Political Research, Austria
  • Bruegel, Belgium
  • Centre for European Policy Studies, Belgium
  • Egmont Institute, Belgium
  • European Policy Centre, Belgium
  • Danish Institute for International Studies, Denmark
  • European Union Institute for Security Studies, France
  • French Institute for International Relations
  • German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Germany
  • German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP)), Germany
  • Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), Ireland
  • Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis (RCEA), Italy
  • Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO), Norway
  • Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russia
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Sweden
  • Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV), Turkey
  • The Global Policy Institute, UK
  • Chatham House, UK
  • International Institute for Strategic Studies, UK
  • European Council on Foreign Relations, UK

To take a look at the many other institutions with jobs, conferences and other listings on offer, head to the INOMICS website here. Additionally, please share your experiences with others by leaving a review on the INOMICS website for any institute where you have worked, studied or interned!

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