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          What TOEFL Scores Do You Need to Get Admitted to the Best Universities in Europe?


What TOEFL Scores Do You Need to Get Admitted to the Best Universities in Europe?

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There are a large number of English-language master's degrees available in universities across Europe. If you are planning to apply for a master's program which is taught in English, then you will need to provide proof of your English language abilities. One test used to measure language skills is the TOEFL, which you need to take before applying for a master's.

To illustrate the kind of TOEFL scores that are required to apply for master's programs in economics, finance, and business, we have compiled information on required scores for some of Europe's best universities.




Master’s in Economics, Radboud University 

“A TOEFL score of ≥90, with subscores not lower than 18”




APE Master - Analysis and Policy in Economics or PPD Master - Public Policy and Development, Paris School of Economics

Requires equivalent to B2 level, which translates to TOEFL iBT scores as:

                       Reading 18     

Listening 17

Speaking 20

Writing 17

Total 72


Master in Economics, Lund University

“Lund University’s programmes require English 6/English course B.  This is the equivalent of a TOEFL score of 90.”



MSc in Finance, London School of Economics

Requires TOEFL iBT scores of:

Reading 22

Listening 22

Speaking 20

Writing 21

Total 107


Judge Cambridge

Master of Finance, University of Cambridge

“TOEFL - 110, with no element below 25”



Master Program in Finance, Stockholm School of Economics

“TOEFL iBT total score at least 100”


Said Oxford

MBA, University of Oxford

Listening 22

Reading 24

Writing 24

Speaking 25

Total 110



MBA, Imperial College Business School

“TOEFL iBT: A minimum score of 100 overall with minimum scores of 22 in all elements.”

As you can see, required TOEFL scores for programs in non-native English speaking countries are in the 70 – 100 region. Universities in English-speaking countries have stricter requirements of scores of 100 upwards.

For more information about master's degrees in economics and other fields, see our website.


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