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Doctoral program "Quantitative Psychology and Economics"

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This unique program will provide students with an unmatched foundation to start an excellent career in research. The degree will open doors in both the academic and corporate worlds.

prof. dr. Arthur Schram, University of Amsterdam; director of the Center for Research in Experimental Economics and Political Decision Making (2011-2015), founding co-editor of Experimental Economics (1998-2007).

Four-year doctoral program “Quantitative psychology and economics” will enable students to pursue cutting-edge research in a growing and exciting interdisciplinary field. The program is mostly intended to prepare for careers in the academia and research units in the corporate world, including financial sector and the digital economy. The graduates will be ready to conduct both basic and applied research using new data and big data, such as those from the social media and Customer Relationship Management.

Students with solid background in psychology, economics, neuroscience, or related fields and possessing strong analytical skills, as well as appetite for behavioural research are encouraged to apply.

The program is highly interdisciplinary, located at the Doctoral School for Interdisciplinary Studies, creating opportunities to take courses and work with students and faculty – based at the University of Warsaw and visiting professors – representing different fields. Our Ph.D. students take graduate-level courses in microeconomics, cognitive psychology, statistics and econometrics, machine learning and data science and more. They can also make use of the large number of master-level courses taught at the University. In the process, they are given the theoretical and methodological foundation, as well as modern tools of data analysis, to conduct their own original research, under supervision of leading scholars representing both psychology and economics.

The program is a collaborative project of three leading Faculties of the University of Warsaw, all of which have the highest academic category A+ and are routinely ranked as the best in the country: the Faculty of Economic Sciences, the Faculty of Psychology, and the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics.


The program will be offered free of charge to all successful candidates regardless of their nationality. The doctoral student shall receive the doctoral scholarship during the period of education. The scholarship will amount to PLN 2371,70 before the mid-term evaluation and 3653,70  after the mid-term evaluation. The total period of receiving the doctoral scholarship cannot exceed four years. The suplement for persons with disabilities amounts to PLN 711,51.

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Recruitment calendar

Registration in the Internet Registration of Candidates, referred to as “IRK”, submitting an application to the IRK for admission to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School: from 5th of May to 28th of June 2021.

Recruitment procedure:

  • 1st stage of the recruitment procedure: 9-18 July, 2021,
  • announcement of result of the I st stage of recruitment: 20 July 2021,
  • publication of interview schedule (II stage): 20 July 2021,
  • II nd stage of the recruitment procedure: 28 July  – 3 August 2021,
  • announcement of the ranking list: 5 August 2021,
  • accepting documents from qualified candidates: 6-17 September, 2021,
  • announcement of the list of accepted candidates: on 20 September 2021

Detailed regulations of recruitment:


coordinator, prof. Michał Krawczyk

Faculty of Economics Science

University of Warsaw

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