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Doctoral Programme: Law, Economics and Political Science

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Phd programs

Our doctoral programme gives you the opportunity to further your professional and academic career in economics, political science and law.

Welcome to the Graduate School of Economic Globalisation and Integration at the World Trade Institute

As a PhD candidate, you will benefit from a structured programme that is designed to offer you maximum support in writing your thesis. This includes continuous feedback and academic guidance from our extraordinary global faculty โ€“ composed of leading scholars and practitioners from the worldโ€™s most renowned universities, policy research institutions, law firms and international organisations. 

Programme Coordinator:
Dr Octavio Fernรกndez-Amador

For information about living and studying in Switzerland, click here.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, continuously exploring the interconnections between economics, political science and law and how such linkages can be developed to enhance scientific theory and practice. In fact, this programme is targeted at doctoral students who are interested in writing theses that cross the boundaries among the three disciplines.

When you enter the WTI, you become part of a unique community of scholars, thought leaders and policy shapers. You join a group of people from around the world who are making a difference. The doctoral programme is structured in such a way as to encourage you to contribute to the overall experience and to help make it a success not only for yourself, but also for your colleagues.

PhD courses at the WTI are aimed at providing PhD students, young postdocs and practitioners with an opportunity to update their training in fields within the range of expertise of the WTI.

At least two one-week summer courses are taught each year, in August and September.

Courses are taught in English, and limited to a maximum enrollment of 35. To derive maximum benefit, we recommend that during the week of the course participants devote themselves exclusively to course work.

For details of courses in the current year as well as past courses, see the section below.

For Economics PhD students:

For Law PhD students: 

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PhD Programs


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