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Master Courses at the Department of Economics - Roma Tre University

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Master's programs

The Department of Economics of Roma Tre University offers a rich program of master’s degrees: Environmental and Development Economics; Economics; Labour and Welfare. Within the masters’ programs, three curricula are taught in English: Global Development, Economic Analysis and Economic POlicies for the Global transition (EPOG).

Key info:

Master’s degrees at the Department of Economics, Roma Tre University

Program duration: 24 months

Type: Master’s degree

Application deadline: 15th September

Attendance: On-campus

The Department of Economics was born in 1993 to promote training, research advancement and disseminate culture in the economic, law, mathematical and statistical fields, with a highly multidisciplinary approach. Now it encompasses around 50 lecturers, 15 research fellows, and 30 PhD students from different disciplines: economists, statisticians, jurists, mathematicians, and finance and marketing experts. A vibrant community connected to institutions and high-level academy around the world, with a strong orientation towards research networks and funds attraction.

The campus has been designed and equipped to offer high-quality education with advanced digital technologies. The computer lab has two rooms with 85 workstations and a selection of scientific softwares. The Pierangelo Garegnani library has two large reading rooms, with 250 study stations disposed on two levels. A large collection of books is available for consultation and borrowing. Electronic databases allow accessing a large selection of scientific journals and data collections. The spaces outside the buildings and their terraces are extremely livable and useful for socializing.

Discover our three master’s degrees and the English offer!

Environmental and Development Economics

This Master program is aimed at those students who want to understand and investigate the relationship between environmental issues and development paths in a dynamic, stimulating, and international context.

You will acquire skills and tools to study and manage economic and entrepreneurial activities sustainably,  design and evaluate economic development processes, and develop new sectors of the green economy.

Two curricula:

 Economia dell’Ambiente e Impresa Sostenibile (Italian)

Global Development (English)

This innovative course equips you with the knowledge and skills to understand, investigate and respond to the current development issues. You will have the opportunity to explore the following topics: sustainable development, development policies, innovation policy, international trade and migration, spatial economics, environmental sustainability, management of development programs, and labour rights.

Faculty members actively participate in national and international research programs enabling you to connect with research activities and multidisciplinary teams in a stimulating environment.

Overall, this course will enable you to build in-depth knowledge and understanding of development theory, policy, tools and techniques, as well as an advanced capacity for critical thinking, independent study and research.

Our graduates are well equipped to apply their skills to a career in different areas. You can apply for highly qualified jobs in private and public enterprises and agencies, national and international research centres, international organizations and NGOs, or continue your studies by enrolling in Ph.D. programmes.


A modern specialist training that offers the necessary tools to fully understand the role of the economy in the society and to conduct analysis and research activities in firms, institutions, public and private bodies

Three curricula and a joint-master course:

Mercati, settori e istituzioni (Italian)

Finanza e processi economici (Italian)

Economic Analysis (English) 

Attending this programme will improve your understanding of key economic topics and increase your familiarity with state-of-the art quantitative methods and approaches to economic modelling. Our primary goal is to enhance your ability to analyze and understand current issues concerning: households’ and firms’ decision making; the determinants of market dynamics; the factors explaining income growth, cycles, and distribution; the reason for fiscal and monetary policy.

Graduating in this programme will give you the opportunity to access to highly qualified jobs or to continue your studies by enrolling into an international postgraduate program. Some of our students are employed in public institution and agencies (e.g. the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of economic affairs, the Antitrust authority, the National statistics institution); some have entered the private sector ( banks and financial intermediaries, consulting companies, industrial companies). Other students have undertaken prestigious master and PhD programs in the EU, UK, and USA.

Economic POlicies for the Global transition (English)

Economic POlicies for the Global transition (EPOG+) is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in economics, supported by the European Union. It involves more than 40 partners and associate partners in Europe and the world. The program is reserved for students enrolled in the EPOG-EMJMD Master.

The program focuses on the digital, socioeconomic and ecological transition processes with a pluralist approach and interdisciplinary perspectives. Its concept relies on the fact that designing, implementing and assessing economic policies for the required transition processes calls for experts and highly trained researchers, with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in specific fields, combined with a broader understanding of economic policy interdependencies.

Students will have the opportunity to spend their master around different selected countries of Europe! All the information to be able to participate in this EPOG 2.0 joint degree can be found at the following link:

Labour and Welfare

A multidisciplinary offer that provides the skills to analyze the dynamics of welfare, labour, business strategies and social policies, with an integrated vision of digital transformations and the circular economy

One unique curriculum (Italian)

To study welfare, labour and businesses in the context of globalization and the digital economy. Economic theory, organization and business performance, quantitative methods, right are the cornerstones on which it is based to provide you with the necessary skills to analyze the dynamics of welfare, of work and businesses.

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Master's Programs