How to Attract Top Conference Delegates

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How to Attract Top Conference Delegates


Every year, between 950 and 1500 conferences are advertised on INOMICS and Conference Monkey all together. With such tough competition for strong delegates, making your event stand out can be a challenge, whether on 11 Academia Networks websites or elsewhere in online or printed media. Budgets are often carefully controlled when it comes to promotion for academic conferences, but a larger initial cost can quickly be outweighed by the advantage of a greater number of delegates registering for your event. To stand the best chance of attracting qualified international delegates, look for promotion options that include the following elements:

Make it VISUALLY attractive. A picture is worth a thousand words. Logos, colors, and styling can communicate your message to your intended audience in a fraction of a second.

Make it INFORMATIVE. Include key topics, main speakers and interesting locations. More key phrases also help your event appear in search results.

Make it VISIBLE. A notice in the bottom corner of the classified section might be cheaper than a prominent advert on the first page but often represents a false economy. An investment in a top position attracts more applicants and more public awareness. 

If you are interested in gaining top visibility in niche websites targeting your group of researchers, we invite you to check our publishing options. Each announcement published on our websites gets visibility not only among the users of your chosen niche platform, but also among the revelant matching platforms based on the disciplines covered by your conference. 

Get the TIMING right. If you want to attract contributions, delegates and publicity, look for an option that allows you to put out a call for papers well in advance of the event. Ideally, options with deadline reminders will help your event be a success!

Make it go VIRAL on Social Media. Most young professionals and academics use social media for professional purposes. Look for options that include social media visibility, and your event will be exposed to thousands of personal networks instantly.

If you are looking to connect to top economists worldwide, INOMICS has more than 90,000 fans in social media eager to attend your conferences, workshops and submit new research to your event. If you want to access our pool of economists, please contact us at and ask for our social media campaign options. 

Connect with your INSTITUTION and other activities. Every institution has a lot going on, and by linking your conference to other events and courses, more potential delegates will find it!

If you have any questions or if you would like to arrange a free telephone or Skype consultation with us to analyse your conference promotion and discover how we can help you, please contact us at info@11academianetworks.comIf you have your conference already listed on INOMICS, please feel free to contact us at and we will gladly help you boosting your presence among our audience of top economists. 


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