30 Top Twitter Feeds in Economics and Finance

30 Top Twitter Feeds in Economics and Finance

When we conducted an informal survey of economists about a year and a half ago (published in this blog post), only slightly more than 20% said they regularly used Twitter. In the time since, however, Twitter has gained ground as a useful and prominent thread within the social media fabric, particularly for professionals looking to network and make connections.

So whether you’ve been Tweeting since the site began or you’re still a rare holdout, this list of 30 top econ and finance Twitter feeds offers a basic overview of who you could, and should, be following on Twitter. This list includes institutions, individuals and groups from across the political and academic spectrum. In addition to this list (which is offered in no particular order), we of course encourage you to stay up to date with us @INOMICS.

  1. @NYTimesKrugman Paul Krugman, NYTimes columnist and Nobel Laureate economist
  2. @ReformedBroker Josh Brown, financial advisor at Ritholz Wealth Management
  3. @planetmoney A weekly podcast about the global economy
  4. @Nouriel Nouriel Roubini, Professor of Economics at NYU Stern School
  5. @izakaminska Izabella Kaminska, Financial Times Alphaville reporter on energy, central banks, markets and more
  6. @freakonomics Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors of “Freakonomics”
  7. @umairh Umair Haque, economist and contributer to Harvard Business Review
  8. @econjared Jared Bernstein, former US Chief Economist and Senior Fellow at Center on Budget
  9. @RBReich Robert Reich, economist, Berkeley professor and former US Secretary of Labor
  10. @chrisadamsmkts Chris Adams, Financial Times Markets Editor
  11. @MarkThoma Mark Thoma, economist, Professor of Economis at University of Oregon, blogger
  12. @katie_martin_FX Katie Martin, Dow Jones currencies editor, Wall Street Journal contributer
  13. @profsufi Amir Sufi, Professor of Finance at Chicago Booth School of Business
  14. @ryanavent Ryan Avent, economics correspondent for The Economist
  15. @economistmeg Megan Greene, Senior Fellow at Atlantic Council, Chief Economist at Maverick Intelligence with focus on Europe
  16. @JustinWolfers Justin Wolfers, Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at University of Michigan
  17. @PIMCO PIMCO, A global investment management firm
  18. @delong J. Bradford DeLong, Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley, blogger
  19. @lindayueh Linda Yueh, BBC Chief Business Correspondent, economist, professor
  20. @BetseyStevenson Betsey Stevenson, Former Chief Economist in US Department of Labor, economist, Professor of Public Policy at University of Michigan
  21. @CEAChair Jason Furman, Chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers
  22. @MargRev Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, economics professors at George Mason University
  23. @Austan_Goolsbee Austan Goolsbee, Professor of Economics at Chicago Booth School of Business
  24. @LorcanRK Lorcan Roche Kelly, Chief Europe Strategist at Trend Macrolytics, LLC
  25. @ModeledBehavior Adam Ozimek, economist and blogger
  26. @MatinaStevis Matina Stevis, Wall Street Journal economics reporter in Europe
  27. @EconomyWatch Economy Watch, largest online econ community in the world
  28. @scottybarber Scotty Barber, Graphics and Data Editor, BlackRock Investment Institute
  29. @cullenroche Cullen Roche, Orcam Financial Group and Pragmatic Capitalism
  30. @Wonkblog Wonkblog, economic and US domestic policy

There are of course many other great Twitter feeds that couldn’t fit on this list. Please feel free to leave additions in the comments section here or on Facebook!

Photo credit: Matt Hamm