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Doctoral Programme in Regional Development and Economic Integration

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Regular fees: 200 EUR

International Fees : 400 EUR

This Doctoral Programme provides double continuity: firstly, to the previously existing doctoral programme and secondly, to the Official Master's Degree in Regional Development and Economic Integration, which provides the research teaching period.

This is a rigorous program, transversal and that relies on the participation of multiple areas, seeking interdisciplinarity in the analysis rather than the excessive specialization that occurred in some of the more formal doctorate-level courses, which were hardly intensive and scarcely orientated towards training in research.

Tuition fees (aprox.): Cursos ou complementos ECTS: 32,00 €/crédito Cursos non ECTS: 3,30 €/crédito Titoría anual UE: 200,00 € Titoría anual non UE: 400 €
Seats number: 10

Title coordinator:
Melchor Fernandez Fernandez

Coordinator university:
University of Santiago de Compostela

Partaker universities:
University of Santiago de Compostela

The programme gives priority to very specific lines of research (demographic change; regional development and internalization; labour economics; agricultural policy and rural development; evaluation and regional economic planning and the information society, and urban-regional development). All these are areas in which the groups involved can provide the experience of national an international high-quality researchers, all of this without prejudice, in justified cases, that dissertations can be developed in other lines of research within the field of applied economic analysis.

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