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Master's programs

To earn the Master of Economics (MR) degree, students must take the required coursework and electives necessary to meet 30 completed credit hours. A thesis and comprehensive oral examination are not required for this degree. Students pursuing a MR degree may not pursue an officially designated minor or co-major.

Advisory Committee

No advisory committee is required for MR students. The director of the graduate program will serve as the student’s advisor.

Plan of Work

Before applying to graduate, MR students should complete their graduate plan of work in MyPack Portal. The POW should detail the courses that have been taken or will be taken to full the degree requirements.

Doctoral students seeking the en route Master of Economics degree should contact Dr. Zheng for more information.

Preparing to Graduate

Students preparing to graduate with a MR degree in economics must do the following before the required Graduate School deadlines (calendar) for Option B checkout:

  • Submit the online Graduate Plan of Work through MyPack
  • Complete the online Application to Graduate (in MyPack).
  • Make sure all outstanding fees are paid.

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Master's programs


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