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Postgraduate scholarships

There are two main sources of financial aid. The first source comes from Federal Financial Aid. The second is from the D'Amore-McKim School of Business in the form of scholarships.

Note: For information on tuition cost and required fees please refer to the Fast Facts pages within each program site.

Federal Financial Aid

To learn more about eligibility for Federal Financial Aid, visit Northeastern’s Graduate Financial Aid web site. If you have questions regarding the Federal Financial Aid process, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services:

Office: 354 Richards Hall
Phone: 617.373.5899
Fax: 617.373.5666


The D'Amore-McKim School of Business offers scholarships. These scholarships are available to students in their first year of study, provide partial to full tuition reimbursement, and require no work commitment. If you are offered admission to one of our programs, you will be automatically considered for a scholarship. There is no separate application necessary. Scholarships are awarded based on the strength of your application. Scholarships may be renewable.

If you have any questions regarding graduate scholarships, please contact us.

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Postgraduate scholarships


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