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Research/project funding

Competitive guaranteed funding is given to eligible students enrolled in full-time graduate studies.

Find more information about funding and research scholarship opportunities at Laurier:

Employment-based funding

Internal scholarships and awards

External funding and awards

Note: Laurier reserves the right to amend the components of the annual funding. Students registered in a graduate program at the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary are not eligible for internal funding administered through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Contact the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary for more information.


Research-Intensive Master's Programs

Eligible students admitted to study on a full-time basis in research-based master’s programs are provided an average of $14,500 of financial support each eligible year of study. Note that some programs have a higher minimum. Consult the appropriate program page for details.

Support is made up of teaching assistantships as well as internal and/or external scholarships. Some research assistantship support is also available. Contact your academic program for more information.

Professional Master's Programs

Full-time students in our professional master’s programs (MBA, MFin, MMT or MSW) are automatically considered for internal scholarships upon admission and are encouraged to apply for external awards.

Research assistantships may also be available. Contact your academic programfor more information.

Doctoral Programs

Eligible students admitted to study on a full-time basis in doctoral programs are guaranteed a minimum of $22,000 per year for up to four years. The average level of annual funding for eligible doctoral students at Laurier exceeds $25,000. 

Support is made up of teaching assistantships, internal and/or external scholarships, and research assistantships, where available. Students must meet the scholarship eligibility requirement of the university.

Top-Up Funding for Major Award Winners

Winners of major external awards may be eligible for top-up funding, including the Dean’s Graduate Scholarship (total value exceeds $10,000). 

The following external awards are eligible for top-up funding:

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship in Science and Technology

Canadian Graduate Scholarship - Master’s

Tri-Council – Doctoral (excluding Vanier)

Top-ups are available for students within their normal funding period and in research-intensive programs only. Students enrolled in professional programs (MBA, MFin, MSW or MMT) are eligible for a Graduate Incentive Scholarshipwhich provides a $1,000 top-up.

Note: External awards form part of the annual funding. Consequently, components of the annual funding from Laurier may be amended at our discretion in cases where an external award is held. Students who hold funding at $50,000 or more per year to pursue their graduate studies are ineligible for Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies funding.

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Research/project funding


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