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Undergraduate scholarships

Scholarships are funds received by the student from mostly non-governmental sources.

These funds do not need to be paid back by the student. Some scholarships may be refunded to the student for living expenses while others may not. The donor of the scholarship tells us whether the scholarship may be refundable.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board offers a tuition exemption called Early High School Graduation Scholarship. Students eligible for this program will have their only tuition for college credit classes paid. This scholarship is renewable until the student has incurred charges against the amount of the scholarship award.

In the case of this scholarship, the student must contact financial aid every subsequent term that they wish to use these funds.

Open Education Database

Online application
Eligibility: High school graduate or graduating senior.

To help increase awareness around the extensive college funding opportunities provided for minority students, see for any additional rules and requirements.

The FamilyAssets 2018 Scholarship

FamilyAssets is proud to offer during 2018 a $3,000 scholarship for one eligible student who has provided care to an elderly family member or volunteered to provide care in a community setting.

For more information about the FamilyAssets scholarship qualifications, visit the FamilyAssets website.

The Corban OneSource Scholarship

Lee College students may apply for the Corban OneSource Scholarship. Corban OneSource strives every day to remember its core values: being giving, respectful, accountable, client-focused, and encouraging. With those values in mind, it has established an annual scholarship to award a deserving undergraduate student with $1,000. The deadline to apply is July 15, 2018.

Visit the Corban OneSource site for more details.

The Proud Texan Scholarship

The law offices of Hilda L. Sibrian offer a $2,500 merit-based scholarship to high school seniors or those enrolled in two- to five-year institutions in Texas.

Details about the Proud Texan Scholarship (PDF)


About the Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded yearly to help students pay for tuition and textbooks. Scholarships are available for all students studying any program. You will be considered for all scholarships for which you qualify, including those with special selection criteria. Only one application per student is necessary and only one Foundation scholarship will be awarded to any student. Most Foundation scholarships are $500 per fall and spring semesters. Textbook scholarships are also available, and no additional application is necessary. Indicate when you apply that you are also interested in a textbook scholarship. The application deadline for scholarships will be posted on this website.

Additional departmental scholarships are available in various areas of the college, including athletics, academic studies, technical and applied sciences, and fine arts. Students interested in such scholarships should contact their instructors and/or the Financial Aid Office.

The Scholarship Application

All students fill out a general application. Some scholarships may have more specific questions.

Thorough answers to the essay questions are very important. Your answers to the essay questions give the Scholarship Committee valuable information about you, your financial situation, struggles you may have encountered and difficulties that you face in your life. Students who do not answer the essay questions thoroughly will NOT be considered for a scholarship.

Full-time students must enroll in and maintain at least nine credit hours each term to receive an award. If you do not, you will forfeit your scholarship for the spring semester. Some other criteria may apply depending on the particular scholarship.

Notification for scholarship awards will be made to new students through the email address provided when you completed your ApplyTexas application. Returning students will be notified through your MYLC email address. Check it often!

State law mandates that a student must indicate if they are related to one of the Lee College Regents. YouMUST complete that part of the application or you will not receive a scholarship.

A thank you letter MUST be submitted or the scholarship award will not be given. The thank-you note will be forwarded to the donor of your scholarship should you be awarded one.

How to Apply

During your first visit to the scholarship site, you must β€œSign Up”. Upon returning, you must click β€œSign In”. If you have difficulty signing in, please click here – trouble signing in β€“ for additional instructions.

When setting up your account in the Scholarship System:

If you have a myLC email address, you must use it.

If you do not have a myLC email address, you must use the primary email address you provided when completing the ApplyTexas application.

Once you have successfully completed your ApplyTexas application, you will receive an email congratulating you on admission to Lee College. Please allow at least 48 hours between the time that you receive your acceptance email and the time you apply for scholarships. You may save your application at any time by clicking Save and Keep Editing at the bottom of the form. Once it has been completed, you can submit your application by clicking Finish and Continue.

Notification for scholarship awards will be made to new students through the primary email address provided when you completed your ApplyTexas application. Returning students will be notified through your myLC email address. Check it often!

Students who wish to apply for a Foundation scholarship may go to:

For assistance, contact Financial Aid at or call 281.425.6389.

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Undergraduate scholarships

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