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BA in Accounting

The University of Edinburgh
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Accountants play a crucial role in business. Their ability to measure financial information and use this to make projections affects economic decision-making at all levels.

Accountancy is one of the fastest-growing areas of business activity. Financial accountants report on the performance of an organisation while management accountants provide financial information to help with planning and strategy.

Studying accounting at the University of Edinburgh offers you a flexible programme of study. You will be able to combine your study of accounting with business, finance, economics or law and take a wide range of courses. This offers you a broad-based programme with the flexibility to change direction and specialise through your option course choices.

Our staff have a world-leading reputation as prominent researchers in the accounting discipline. Our teaching is therefore based on the most recent research findings and literature. This helps to ensure that our graduates are attractive to prospective employers.

Our programmes will provide an excellent foundation for those hoping to gain a professional accountancy qualification and can also prepare you for careers in finance and other sectors.


While every effort has been made to ensure that the information given here is accurate, we anticipate that some of our programmes may be modified or changed from 2019/20. Please check online for the latest information.

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