Bachelor's Degree in International Relations

Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra
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General Objectives of the Course

Objectives: The Bachelor's in International Relations offers multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training focusing on international politics, providing essential competences to understand and analyze institutional, legal, social and economic dynamics at the global, international and national levels and aiming at training specialized professionals in this field. Curricular Structure: The Bachelor's in International Relations runs over three years (six semesters) and involves 180 ECTS, distributed between compulsory course units (150 ECTS) and optional course units (30 ECTS). Compulsory course units are associated with the following scientific fields: Political Science - International Relations (106 ECTS), Sociology (12 ECTS), Languages (12 ECTS), History (8 ECTS), Law (6 ECTS) and Economics (6 ECTS).

Admission Requirements

One of the following subjects: Economy (04) or Portuguese (18) or History (11).

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Professional Goals

Bachelor's graduates in International Relations have qualifications for exercising multiple different functions in the field of international politics, namely in international organizations, state bodies (diplomatic career), at business, public and non-governmental organizations international relations departments and offices, in the media and in teaching and research institutions.

Mode of Study

Teaching / Evaluation language(s)

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

DL 74/2006, of 24 March, as amended by the DL 107/2008, of 25 June, by the DL 230/2009, of 14 September, and by the DL 115/2013, of 7 August. The Order 12473/2012, of 24 September, publishes the current courseยดs programme structure and study plan.

Graduation Requirements

Successfully complete 180 ECTS, distributed between 150 ECTS in compulsory course units and 30 ECTS in optional course units, selected from an interdisciplinary range defined each year. The choice to hold the 30 optional ECTS in one of the scientific areas of Management, Economics, Sociology or Antropology allows to obtain a degree in International Relations with a minor in that scientific area.

Access to Further Studies

Study Programme

2014-12-16 a 2020-12-15

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Bachelor's programs


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