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Application Deadline


Phd programs

The Department of Finance at BI Norwegian Business School is inviting applications for new doctoral scholarships. We encourage applications from candidates who have solid quantitative skills and a strong background in disciplines such as Finance, Economics, Statistics, and Mathematics. Strong communication and analytical skills are also crucial for successful completion of the program. One of the scholarships is dedicated to corporate governance within the department’s Centre for Corporate Governance (CCGR); the other scholarships are in any field of Finance. 

Department of Finance

The department is committed to research at the highest international level. There are currently over 30 faculty members and they represent about 20 nationalities. Faculty come from some of the world’s best institutions such as University of Chicago, Wharton, UCLA, Ohio State University, Carnegie Mellon, University of Southern California, London Business School, and London School of Economics.

Faculty members publish their research regularly in the top Finance and Economics journals. These publications have appeared in Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal Financial Economics, American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy, and Review of Economic Studies. The strong commitment to research has earned the department a top-10 rank in Europe based on research output in top-tier academic Finance journals.

PhD in Finance

The PhD specialization in Finance prepares candidates for careers in the world’s leading academic institutions, research-oriented international and national organizations, and the industry. Job market candidates from the department have found employment at premier universities, including London Business School, Tilburg University, University of Melbourne, and NOVA University Lisbon. Local placements in Norway include the Norwegian School of Economics, Financial Supervisory Authority, and Storebrand Asset Management.

The four-year program offers rigorous training for candidates with strong analytical skills and intellectual curiosity. It follows a standard structure in place at all comparable programs around the world. The first year is devoted to course work that covers all the major fields in Finance and core topics in Economics relevant for a Finance PhD. The second year of the program sees candidates transitioning to research work. The research environment is supportive and PhD candidates take actively part in all the social life at the department.

The PhD scholarship comes with full funding for a four-year period.

Time line

BI has announcements for open scholarships at the end of every year with a deadline early the following year.

More information

Information about the program and how to apply can be found here:

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The electronic application forms are here:

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Application Deadline


Phd programs


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