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Call for Applications for the PhD in Economics

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Phd programs

The Call for Applications for the PhD Programme in Economics (a.y. 2023/2024) is now out.

Please find the page with the call at THIS LINK

The deadline is 5 May 2023.

The Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan and the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pavia won for the second time the Department of Excellence award, a public award for the 350 best Departments of the public Universities in Italy. Studying in our Departments means working with experts with established international reputation in a team of leading scientific and educational institutions.

The duration of the program is three years.

In the first year students receive a rigorous training in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. Admission to the second year is conditional on exam performance as well as on presentation of a satisfactory research project. During the second year, students select a thesis supervisor and start working on their dissertation under the close supervision of a Faculty member. The third year is entirely dedicated to research and completion of the thesis.

Students have the opportunity to spend a visiting period abroad to carry out their research at a foreign university or research institution. The period spent abroad follows second-year courses and is usually between six and twelve months. The aim of the visiting period abroad is to advance the PhD project by taking advantage of the expertise available in the hosting institution, while promoting the integration of students in an international research network.

Research is the main focus of our PhD program. The project must be integrated in the research areas of the Faculty. Active involvement in research is promoted partly through the interaction with the supervisors and their research networks, partly through the student's active participation in seminars, workshops and conferences at the Departments of Economics of the Universities of Milan and Pavia. Students are expected to present the results of their research in Department seminars and/or in research student workshops.

The PhD degree is jointly awarded by the University of Milan and the University of Pavia after completion and defence of an original thesis which must provide a significant contribution to the development of knowledge in Economics.


Admission requirements

Candidates holding a second cycle degree (Laurea magistrale), an equivalent qualification, or a qualification equivalent to the level of studies (Master’s Degree) awarded by a foreign university, may apply to take part in the competition for admission to the doctoral research programme, as per the article above.

The suitability of the foreign academic qualification in terms of content is evaluated by the Examining Committee set up for admission to the doctoral programme, in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy and in the country in which the academic qualification was issued, and with the international treaties or agreements on the recognition of qualifications for the purpose of continuing studies.

Those without a second-cycle degree may also apply. Candidates without a Master's degree admitted to the PhD programme must obtain the required qualification by 1 october 2023.


Application for admission

Applications for admission must be submitted by no later than 2pm on 5 May 2023, following the procedures described below:

1. Register online on the University portal

This operation is not required of those alreadyregistered on the portal or in possession of University login credentials (final year students or those who graduated from the University of Milan less than a year ago);

2. Login and submit an application for admission to the Doctoral programme by accessing Admission services - Servizio di ammissione dottorati di ricerca

3. Pay the non-refundable fee of €50 covering selection costs, within the deadline for admissions.

The following documents (no larger than 10 MB) must be uploaded (as pdf .rtf or .jpg files) to complete the online admissions procedure:

  1. Diploma Supplement or Bachelor's/Master's diploma (or equivalent qualification obtained in Italy or abroad), with transcript of records. Upcoming graduates are required to submit a certificate of enrolment in lieu of the diploma. The documents must be in Italian, English,French, German or Spanish. This document is not required of graduates/upcominggraduates of the University of Milan since it will be acquired internally;
  2. CV describing any professional experience and other qualifications held by the applicant;
  3. Research project (using Form 1 attached hereto);
  4. Copy of passport (foreign applicants only);
  5. List of publications (if any);
  6. Annex A.

Non-EU candidates residing abroad are also required to submit an online application for preenrolment through Universitaly (, in order to obtain a student visa.

The online application cannot be modified or supplemented with further documentation onceit has been confirmed.

Self-certification is accepted in the cases provided for and pursuant to current legislation.

Please note that the failure to provide even just one of the documents (from A to C) above, will result in the candidate being excluded from the competition.

Qualifications and scientific publications may be submitted in either Italian or English.

In addition to the above listed documentation, at the request of the Teaching Committee, as specified in the table, applicants must ask qualified referees who have been involved in their training to provide one letter of reference drafted according to Form 2 attached hereto, which the referees must email directly (as a .pdf file) to the address indicated in the doctoral programme description by the competition deadline. The reference letters will be looked at in conjunction with the candidate’s CV but will not be awarded any points.


Admission Exam

Admission to the doctoral programme is through a public selection procedure that involves assessment of the CV and of the research project, possibly based on his/her second cycle degree dissertation, as well as an online interview. The research project, which must be described according to a standard format (Form 1 attached hereto), is relevant for the sole purposes of selection and does not constitute any obligation regarding the subsequent choice of doctoral thesis in the event that the candidate is admitted.

The candidate’s CV and research project will be evaluated prior to the interview, and candidates will be able to see the result of the evaluation on the University portal.

The doctoral programme admission exam is passed if the candidate obtains the minimum score of at least 70/100.


Admission to doctoral programme

Applicants are admitted to the programme in accordance with the ranking order until the number of places available has been filled. The rankings of eligible applicants will be published online, on the days following the interviews, on the University website.

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PhD Programs


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