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Financial Markets B.B.A.

University of Minnesota
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LSBE students may wish to apply for the financial markets finance major program, an intensive academic and experiential preparation for careers in the financial services industry. Classroom instruction is combined with independent laboratory activities, and the program is centered upon four foundational elements: academic studies, the January term practicum in Duluth and the Twin Cities, financial markets laboratory work, and management of the "Bulldog" Investment Fund. Students interested in the program are strongly encouraged to meet with the Financial Markets Program Director. Juniors who have a strong interest in the financial industry, and who have completed or are currently registered for FMIS 3601 - Corporation Finance, are encouraged to speak with the program director prior to registration for spring semester. An initial informational meeting or review of program opportunities helps interested students determine whether or not to pursue formal application and the appropriate prerequisite courses. During spring semester, the application and selection process involves a thorough review of each candidate's application and academic performance, as well as a formal interview. Applicants are reviewed and selected according to their skills, academic qualifications and "fit" with the program in terms of career goals and interests. Candidates are expected to maintain high ethical standards.

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via classroom (the majority of instruction is face-to-face)

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