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Flexible Combined Honours (FCH) offers a unique and appealing degree structure as it lets you study a range of subjects โ€“ related or totally diverse โ€“ in a very flexible manner. It allows you to develop a particular blend of knowledge and skills in line with your own subject interests and career objectives.

At its simplest level, FCH lets you combine two subjects where there is currently no existing Combined Honours degree on the Penryn Campus, for example Geography and Mathematics or Business and International Relations. It also offers the opportunity to study three subject areas, if compulsory modules allow โ€“ please ask about this before applying.

All FCH students study alongside Single and Combined Honours students at the University, so you will be learning alongside those with the same interests. You are able to combine subjects across departments, creating a cross-college degree such as Mathematics and Politics or Environmental Science and English.

Alternatively, you can take modules from a variety of departments by studying one of our thematic pathways: Sustainability or Environment and Human Health. For example, our Sustainability pathway enables you to choose relevant modules from Geography, Politics, Business, Environmental Law, History and Environmental Science. Our thematic pathways can be studied on their own or in combination with other subject areas.

The title of your degree will reflect your areas of study: eg, BA English and Politics, BSc Mathematics and Sustainability or BA Geography with Business. Throughout your degree you are guided by the FCH staff, subject coordinators in each of your subject areas and your personal tutor. All are there to help you choose the most appropriate academic pathways and to get the most out of your degree and your time at the Universityโ€™s Penryn Campus.

FCH will appeal to you if you wish to study a range of subjects, if you are not sure what disciplines you want to focus on yet, or if you wish to weight your credits to suit your strengths or areas of interest.

The following FCH subject areas are available โ€“ you can combine any two unless stated or the combination exists as an โ€˜establishedโ€™ Combined Honours degree. If you are interested in combining three subjects, please contact us before applying:



Environment and Human Health ^

Environmental Law

Environmental Science

French (minor)


Geography and Environment and Human Health +


International Relations




Spanish (minor)

Sustainability ^

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