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Bachelor's programs

This programme aims to provide students the proper environment for the development of high-level capabilities for access in and mobility within international study programmes, for acquiring excellent communication skills in at least two foreign international languages, an adequate knowledge of the international business environment as well as of EU institutions and policies, professional compatibility for positions in institutions administering European funding programmes, vocational skills for employment in a wide range of activities starting from domestic private businesses engaged in foreign trade, up to multinational firms and international institutions.

The objectives aimed at by this M.A. study programme can be thus summarized:

high quality education in the field of economic analysis of international relations;

competitive level of professional knowledge, internationally compatible

excellence of education in the field of international foreign languages

developing the ability to practically implement the gained theoretical knowledge;

stimulating international mobility of students and building their capacity to adapt to the constant changes in the labor market.


The covered subjects: Current trends in international relations, International economic relations, International public relations, World economics, Global transformations, Business negotiation strategies, Media economic dimensions, Business ethics in international relations.

Within the curricula, specialized internships have been included during the Ist academic years for 3 weeks, totaling 90 hours, at the end of the second semester. The internship takes place in public and private commercial companies, institutions, etc. in accord with the agreements concluded between them and the university.

The faculty has its own specialized laboratories (I.T. labs, multimedia) with proper equipment for all subjects that have scheduled such activities, with license for all necessary software, which enables the carrying out of the subjects in the curriculum under optimal conditions.

The Library of the University respectively that of the faculty is equipped with lecture halls and its own book collection according to the subjects provided in the curricula, on university study cycles, the needed resources for carrying out the activity being provided in the income and expenditure budgets. Furthermore, within the library, students receive free online access for all the national and international databases.

Possible career paths

The graduates of this programme can unfold their careers in several institutions and organizations such as:

companies and international trade institutions;

companies carrying out import-export transactions;

professional associations with international cooperation programmes;

representative offices and branches of foreign companies;

bank international relations departments;

insurance companies and international financial institutions;

European Union organizations and institutions;

world economics and international markets institutions and research centers;

agencies specializing in research and services of advertising in international markets;

government agencies of international finance management;

organization and implementation of international auctions and transactions on the stock exchange

transport and international shipments companies.

Admission is carried out according to our own methodology that can be found in the section Admission.


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Bachelor's programs


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